My name is Michael and my wife’s Sudeshna. We love to travel the world just like you. We haven’t been everywhere, but we do have a list. We travel International at least once a year and make an effort to record our experience and learn about the places, so we can share with one and all. We like to keep our blog short and sweet with tips from our experience and not filled with tourism info picked up form various sites. We are not professional blog writers, so we write how its natural to us and hope that our fellow travelers will enjoy reading them as well as find our posts interesting and useful.
Me and my wife, we both are from Kolakata, the city of joy and great food. Presently, we live in Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs and equally great food – Nizami cuisine.
I, Michael, a Music Composer & Conductor and my wife is a Jewelry Designer. Its all started with my music related trips to abroad, which now has become our excuse to travel and see the world. Because of my symphonic musical attachments with Europe, we travel more to Italy and other European countries. We have also traveled to UK, Tokyo, Dubai, Oman and Malaysia. Some of them I did solo. Our blog was published on 19th June 2017.
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